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Requirements for requesting an ENTRY level class:

NOTE: Gr08 and Gr09 Entry level classes will be conducted at the same time in the same class room. When the different grade referees do the associated field work, the class may be split into two groups to manage this process.

Entry classes will be held in August, by request of a certified assignor/club, if the following requirements are met:

-Facility large enough to comfortably accommodate 30 or more participants (functioning AC and lighting, enough tables and chairs for participants and instructors, not a shed/concession stand/closet, etc.)

-Open and operational restrooms on site (fully stocked, clean, in the same building, etc.) 

-Lined soccer field on site is highly recommended. Acceptable fields are U10 or U12 sized preferred but 11v11 sized acceptable, anchored goals, corner flags, correctly painted lines, field must be within 1/10th of a mile of the classroom space and on the same property.

-Sufficient parking on site.

-Assignors in the course area, beyond just the assignor requesting the class, must be on site part of the time to briefly present to the group (coordinate this time with the specific instructors, provide contact information and brief instructions on receiving assignments).

-Venue contact, if different from the assignor, must be on site to unlock/lock the facility.

-WiFi and projection equipment with HDMI connection are strongly recommended.

Facilities that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted for hosting classes.

Please contact Matt Jackson (SDI) to request a class (

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