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Upper level referee registration questions:

How do I provide?

For your record to be processed for 2016, you must supply the following to Billy Walter or Jeff Bouchard

  • Question: Evidence of upgrade or maintenance assessments). Answer: Send me the assessment or the assessor's name if you do not have the assessment.
  • Question: Evidence of taking and passing the physical. Answer: Physical test will be waived for the spring of 2015. More information on this requirement will be presented soon.
  • Question: Evidence of taking and passing the State exam at the required level (95% for all referees). Answer:Take the test online. If you have issues with a question, feel free to ask for clarification.
  • Question: Evidence of payment for registration/assessments. Answer: Provide proof of payment.
  • Question: Evidence of class attended (GR, upgrade, Regionals, etc.). Answer: Tell me the class you attended.
  • Question: How do I tell if my record is pending? Answer: Look at your current registration year. If you have more than one record (i.e. signed up for more than one class), you should have at least one of the records as complete (green check mark - and State Approved minimally). It is normal for the other record(s) to be pending. We can only send one record to USSF. 
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